Vehicle information:

EU075PRIUS PHV224530ZVW52201609A12019050ZVW52R-AHXEBW201609201904ZVW52667W0022ZRFXEBASECVTRHDEUR


Информация про картинку


** Refer Fig - Это код группы из Illustrated_Index, и тогда нужно делать ссылку
ExecEUA1457896B45046A901581581803303098NUT, CASTLE(FOR TIE ROD END)45046A
ExecEUA1457896B95381030251102052212254303099** Std Part9538103025
ExecEUA1457896B45510133345313894743303100GEAR ASSY, STEERING45510
ExecEUA1457896B45535B123160712986283303101CLIP(FOR STEERING RACK BOOT)45535B
ExecEUA1457896B45538108960711456283303102RETAINER, STEERING RACK BOOT45538
ExecEUA1457896B45535B2991863662083303103CLIP(FOR STEERING RACK BOOT)45535B
ExecEUA1457896B455384731855292063303104RETAINER, STEERING RACK BOOT45538
ExecEUA1457896B455353851114421333303105BOOT, STEERING RACK, NO.145535
ExecEUA1457896B45536116254012195623303106BOOT, STEERING RACK, NO.245536
ExecEUA1457896B45046A135995214269733303107NUT, CASTLE(FOR TIE ROD END)45046A
ExecEUA1457896B95381030251315984142710044303108** Std Part9538103025
ExecEUA1457896B45537B2132812803033303109NUT, RACK END LOCK45537B
ExecEUA1457896B45537B133773414047563303110NUT, RACK END LOCK45537B
ExecEUA1457896B4504610124158463303111END SUB-ASSY, TIE ROD, RH45046
ExecEUA1457896B45047152092215779443303112END SUB-ASSY, TIE ROD, LH45047
ExecEUA1457896B941880140178925901454303113** Std Part9418801401
ExecEUA1457896B94188014011024251136454303114** Std Part9418801401
ExecEUA1457896B9011914158100692011189404303115** Std Part9011914158
ExecEUA1457896B90119141587709168829364303116** Std Part9011914158
ExecEUA1457896B432151323071893283303117SEAL, STEERING KNUCKLE43215
ExecEUA1457896B4321513441055140110763303118SEAL, STEERING KNUCKLE43215

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