Vehicle information:

JP160LEXUS HS250H292110ANF10200907201802A120180810ANF10-AEXVB200907201301ANF10438W0012AZFXEATMCVFC


Информация про картинку


** Refer Fig - Это код группы из Illustrated_Index, и тогда нужно делать ссылку
ExecJPA1475735C04945996432105345338324099SHIM KIT, ANTI SQUEAL, FRONT04945
ExecJPA1475735C04947996665105368738324100FITTING KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT04947
ExecJPA1475735C04479996896105391738324101CYLINDER KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT04479
ExecJPA1475735C4773153880759482938324102PISTON, FRONT DISC BRAKE47731
ExecJPA1475735C47769388996445101838324103BUSH, CYLINDER SLIDE, NO.1(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE)47769
ExecJPA1475735C47715A37661144363338324104PIN, FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER SLIDE47715A
ExecJPA1475735C47710A454525227338324105BOLT, HEXAGON(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE CALIPER)47710A
ExecJPA1475735C47715D31295737997938324106PIN, FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER SLIDE, NO.247715D
ExecJPA1475735C47721A20957727659838324107BOLT(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER MOUNTING)47721A
ExecJPA1475735C47721A7281713983938324108BOLT(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER MOUNTING)47721A
ExecJPA1475735C47547B16575623277738324109PLUG, BLEEDER(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE)47547B
ExecJPA1475735C31478B12664519366738324110CAP, BLEEDER PLUG(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE)31478B
ExecJPA1475735C4772182563392565538324111MOUNTING, FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER, RH47721
ExecJPA1475735C4772282565392567438324112MOUNTING, FRONT DISC BRAKE CYLINDER, LH47722
ExecJPA1475735C4773047449857452038324113CYLINDER ASSY, FRONT DISC BRAKE, RH47730
ExecJPA1475735C4775047451857453938324114CYLINDER ASSY, DISC BRAKE, LH47750
ExecJPA1475735C47781839379395838324115COVER, DISC BRAKE DUST, FRONT RH47781
ExecJPA1475735C47782839569397838324116COVER, DISC BRAKE DUST, FRONT LH47782
ExecJPA1475735C04465996167105318838324117PAD KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT04465
ExecJPA1475735C4303675617338118324118** Refer Fig4303
ExecJPA1475735C4777546765852367938324119BOOT, BUSH DUST(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE)47775
ExecJPA1475735C4777543590749192938324120BOOT, BUSH DUST(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE)47775

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