Vehicle information:

JP080LEXUS CT200H232110ZWA10201012A120180910ZWA10-AHXEB201012201312ZWA10498W0022ZRFXEECVT


Информация про картинку


** Refer Fig - Это код группы из Illustrated_Index, и тогда нужно делать ссылку
ExecJPA1853133A9007591002611991722100949083701** Std Part9007591002
ExecJPA1853133A9046312570398991539100949083702** Std Part9046312570
ExecJPA1853133A8401291693438719083703** Refer Fig8401
ExecJPA1853133A85341A59545471047439083704COVER,HEADLAMP CLEANER WASHER NOZZLE85341A
ExecJPA1853133A85341A8614920117039083705COVER,HEADLAMP CLEANER WASHER NOZZLE85341A
ExecJPA1853133A85207A282649828439083706ACTUATOR SUB-ASSY, HEADLAMP WASHER, RH85207A
ExecJPA1853133A85272A61949168951139083707CLAMP, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.185272A
ExecJPA1853133A85208A58152465154539083708ACTUATOR SUB-ASSY, HEADLAMP WASHER, LH85208A
ExecJPA1853133A85348L58855865857839083709JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER ELBOW, NO.285348L
ExecJPA1853133A85271D59364466366439083710HOSE, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.585271D
ExecJPA1853133A85348L4430311432439083711JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER ELBOW, NO.285348L
ExecJPA1853133A85271B4536111538139083712HOSE, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.385271B
ExecJPA1853133A85348K4538411440539083713JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER ELBOW, NO.185348K
ExecJPA1853133A85350A3948810950839083714JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER ELBOW, NO.385350A
ExecJPA1853133A85271A3844610846739083715HOSE, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.285271A
ExecJPA1853133A8527123247529149539083716HOSE, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.185271
ExecJPA1853133A85271C22461829463839083717HOSE, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.485271C
ExecJPA1853133A850338318843520619083718** Refer Fig8503
ExecJPA1853133A827111683031991171100949083719** Std Part8271116830
ExecJPA1853133A8271116820231991342100949083720** Std Part8271116820
ExecJPA1853133A85272A14819121821239083721CLAMP, HEADLAMP CLEANER, NO.185272A
ExecJPA1853133A85348L30145537147639083722JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER ELBOW, NO.285348L
ExecJPA1853133A85280A47729754731739083723MOTOR AND PUMP ASSY, HEADLAMP CLEANER85280A
ExecJPA1853133A85350A37469444471539083724JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER ELBOW, NO.385350A
ExecJPA1853133A85336C51642258644239083725PACKING, HEADLAMP CLEANER MOTOR85336C
ExecJPA1853133A85348A37144044146039083726JOINT, HEADLAMP CLEANER HOSE, NO.185348A
ExecJPA1853133A85371B44041951043939083727HOSE, HEADLAMP CLEANER (FROM MOTOR TO JOINT)85371B

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