Vehicle information:

JP080LEXUS CT200H232110ZWA10201012A120180910ZWA10-AHXEB201012201312ZWA10498W0022ZRFXEECVT


Информация про картинку


** Refer Fig - Это код группы из Illustrated_Index, и тогда нужно делать ссылку
ExecJPA11532100415213182918785137978832ELEMENT KIT, OIL FILTER04152
ExecJPA115321015609D18567425269637978833PLUG, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609D
ExecJPA11532101567936355441957537978834CLIP, OIL FILTER BRACKET15679
ExecJPA115321015620C53450160252337978835GASKET(FOR OIL FILTER CAP)15620C
ExecJPA11532101562065363870966037978836CAP ASSY, OIL FILTER15620
ExecJPA11532101560920820626522837978837BRACKET SUB-ASSY, OIL FILTER15609
ExecJPA115321015600A1302467136948837978838UNION(FOR OIL FILTER)15600A
ExecJPA1153210156011447458150348037978839FILTER SUB-ASSY, OIL15601
ExecJPA1153210156091021204107822537978840BRACKET SUB-ASSY, OIL FILTER15609
ExecJPA115321015609H52827659529737978841RING, O(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609H
ExecJPA115321015609H52832059534237978842RING, O(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609H
ExecJPA115321015609H1344311141133237978843RING, O(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609H
ExecJPA115321015609H1337232140525437978844RING, O(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609H
ExecJPA115321015609D13071419873537978845PLUG, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609D
ExecJPA115321015609D964724103174537978846PLUG, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609D
ExecJPA115321015609D1018690108671237978847PLUG, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW(FOR OIL FILTER BRACKET)15609D
ExecJPA115321091551F08358915323117347978848** Std Part91551F0835
ExecJPA115321091551F0835906146104816647978849** Std Part91551F0835
ExecJPA115321015609E22758529460637978850GASKET, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW PLUG15609E
ExecJPA115321015609E16262323064537978851GASKET, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW PLUG15609E
ExecJPA115321015609E1056591112361337978852GASKET, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW PLUG15609E
ExecJPA115321015609E1003617107063937978853GASKET, W/HEAD STRAIGHT SCREW PLUG15609E

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