Vehicle information:

EU075PRIUS(PLUG-IN HBD)224520ZVW35201205201604A12016100ZVW35R-BHXEBW201205201604ZVW35543W0022ZRFXESATMCVFCRHD


Информация про картинку


** Refer Fig - Это код группы из Illustrated_Index, и тогда нужно делать ссылку
ExecEUA1512401A58168D8777969418163380064COVER, FRONT FLOOR, CENTER LH58168D
ExecEUA1512401A58167D8853199493393380065COVER, FRONT FLOOR, CENTER RH58167D
ExecEUA1512401A58165C1895862536063380066COVER, FRONT FLOOR, RH58165C
ExecEUA1512401A58297470102795204135384380067** Std Part5829747010
ExecEUA1512401A58297470102857994198184380068** Std Part5829747010
ExecEUA1512401A90109082522856933917124380069** Std Part9010908252
ExecEUA1512401A901090825250099460610134380070** Std Part9010908252
ExecEUA1512401A90467072145287076337254380071** Std Part9046707214
ExecEUA1512401A904670721423799334310114380072** Std Part9046707214
ExecEUA1512401A58166A1938852579053380073COVER, FRONT FLOOR, LH58166A
ExecEUA1512401A582974701097568210807004380074** Std Part5829747010
ExecEUA1512401A58165D3175533805733380075CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165D
ExecEUA1512401A58165E3186523826723380076CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165E
ExecEUA1512401A58165D3238233878433380077CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165D
ExecEUA1512401A58165E3209593849793380078CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165E
ExecEUA1512401A58165D104720311112233380079CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165D
ExecEUA1512401A58165E104343411074543380080CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165E
ExecEUA1512401A58165D103973011037503380081CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165D
ExecEUA1512401A58165E104091211039323380082CLIP, FLOOR COVER58165E
ExecEUA1512401A5801140836614643841380083** Refer Fig5801
ExecEUA1512401A5801141084514658641380084** Refer Fig5801

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